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Remote Sessions

What are Remote Sessions?distance-healing

Remote sessions, also known as distance healing, is available to you and your animal in your home. Don’t let distance or scheduling difficulties prevent you from receiving the benefits of Access Consciousness, BodyTalk or Reiki healing in the comfort of your own home.

Many people are surprised to learn that Access Consciousness, BodyTalk and Reiki can be sent to others through distance healing. It can hardly surprise us once we realize that our bodies can act as receivers, just as a radio, television or cell phone receives waves of information. We are essentially wireless forms of transmission and reception.

Remote sessions for distance healing is used when it is physically impossible for the client to be present. Distance healing sessions prove to be remarkably effective given the absence of intellectual and analytical distraction.

An appointment time is made between client and practitioner for the distance healing session. At the appointed time the client is advised to rest comfortably and relax. Once the session is complete the client will receive a report of information regarding their treatment.

60 minutes remote session $100

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