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Client Testimonials

Thank you Paula! Thank you BodyTalk! I am happier, more relaxed, 40lbs lighter, and the fertility prospects are looking up. I was skeptical of Bodytalk at first, however you can’t argue with results. I have been struggling with weight, fertility, & over all wellbeing for what seems like forever. I can’t express how many times I have said the phrases, “I am so tired of being tired or I am so tired of my body not working like it is suppose too!” I went to Paula over weight, depressed, & frustrated. After just one session I felt more relaxed, more at peace, and more motivated. After a couple more sessions I started a healthy eating plan and began to lose weight and feel better. We are continuing our work and I am happy to say my health and life has improved on all levels. This is work I will definitely continue, It is well worth your investment to take care of yourself and so much easier to take care of your day to day life.


At first I wasn’t exactly sure how the BodyTalk process would work or if it would be helpful to me – I was having a very difficult time trying to figure out what to do next (work-wise), it was almost as if my mind was blocked and I couldn’t make any decisions or even remember what it was I wanted/liked to do – so I decided to give this process a try. The experience was very subtle but very powerful. I was amazed at some of the underlying issues Paula was able to identify in a very short time and how I was able to see things more clearly and come to some important decisions in my life. – A.C.


I am a male executive approaching 50. Although successful, I have had my ups and downs, but always tried to maintain control of my life. I realized it wasn’t working and reached out to Paula. When I first met Paula, I had a lifetime of issues and trauma built up inside of me and it was negatively impacting my health. My health issues were embarrassing to discuss, but Paula has a unique and natural ability to put people at ease. Through my sessions with her, I was able to talk about my successes and failures, and I was able open up about issues that I had always kept deeply hidden and thought I would never tell anyone. I have never met a person that made me feel at peace the way Paula does. She listens without judgment and her BodyTalk techniques not only helped to resolve my health issues, but also helped me to regain self confidence. Paula helped me transition from a feeling that my life was in a downward spiral to a feeling that is positive and I am looking forward to the future. Thanks Paula! – Steve


Paula was referred to me by a good friend. She is very easy to schedule with. I like her online booking format. When I arrived to her location I was impressed at how charming, personal, functional and relaxing her office is. Paula took time to sit with me and ask the appropriate questions. Once we have the intake part of our session complete Paula indicated that it was time to start the bodytalk session. I had never had a bodytalk session so I wasn’t sure what to expect. As I lay on the table Paula explained the areas she would be touching. As she started the session I immediately felt Paula tap into me. Paula’s intuitive skills are astonishing. I had not shared with her some of the trauma I had experienced in my early years. I did not withhold the information on purpose. It had happened so long ago that I had forgotten about it. Paula was able to pick up on this and she was dead on accurate. Her bodytalk session left me feeling very relaxed and balanced. My session gave me insight as to why I was feeling poorly and as a result I was able to modify elements in my life that left me feeling healthy and very serene. I ended up purchasing a multiple session package from Paula and have continued to seek her services. I have been seeing Paula for a little over one year and have no plans of stopping. Thank you Paula for such wonderful service! – Brenda R

Brenda R

“I went to Paula feeling frustrated, tired, unhealthy, anxious, stressed out, and feeling generally hopeless about the future.  Now after 4 or 5 sessions, I feel relaxed and confident.  It didn’t happen overnight, but more as a gradual unravelling of past thought patterns.  I’ve never met anyone who could so easily see down to the root of my problems!  She helped me to realize that I was creating my own hell, and that the most important thing in life is this moment.  The BodyTalk sessions themselves are very relaxing.  Paula is very professional, but funny as well and I always felt at-ease.  She has a real gift, and I would strongly encourage anyone who feels out of alignment (or out of control) to give her a call!” – Ben


I was very skeptical of BodyTalk when it was first introduce to me, but I was willing to try anything to find balance in my life.  I came to Paula feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and depressed.  For many years I thought I was keeping life together but all along inside my body felt sick and exhausted. These feelings produced an inability to deal with basic life problems and fed a downward spiral of emotions that manifested themselves as illness and self destructive patterns.  I was surprised how well I responded to the first few sessions which gave me a feeling of inner peace, and a better understanding of myself.  Paula’s positive personality, compassion and keen insight of human consciousness have been a great help in establishing more balance in my life.  The awareness that I received from each BodyTalk sessions gave me just the right amount of information to constantly challenge myself even further.  The insight I have gained from BodyTalk has illuminated my path to personal growth and healing.- K.F.


Paula is a wonderfully sensitive, compassionate, caring Holistic Healer. I have been seeing her for “BodyTalk” therapy. I have healed a lot of old childhood wounds and fears as well as being able to finally give up smoking. This has been the best thing I have done for myself on my spiritual journey.- S.M.


The bodytalk session created language for things/feelings/emotions that I couldn’t necessarily verbalize – things in my life became “unstuck” – my relationship took a new level of openness, honesty and communication – Amy


A fairly direct way of tapping into issues that are bothering you (whether they’re things you’re aware of or not – I’ve experienced both – Andrea


I have found that bodytalk has truly helped me to change some very deep belief systems that I feel have held me back from being all that I can be. I also feel that symptoms directly relate to emotions and I have found that bodytalk has helped and pushed me to work through the emotions so that I can alleviate the symptoms. – Lisa


My BodyTalk sessions with Paula brought me such a sense of peace and a greater understanding of my body’s true knowingness. The way this modality works is brilliant and Paula’s skill and compassion were key in getting me back on track emotionally. No matter what your physical symptoms may be, Paula will assist your body in its healing process. – Becky H.

Becky H.

“I loved my sessions with Paula. She is fun and intuitive, and I always left feeling as though I had something of substance to ‘chew’ on and think about. Her insights have helped me understand myself better, and how to be a more effective person! Although BodyTalk is subtle, energetic work, Paula is very down to earth and anyone would feel comfortable and not lost in the ‘woo-woo’ of the experience. I highly recommend working with her!” – Paige V.

Paige V.

“Paula is a wonderfully intuitive healer. She is warm, very calming and very gifted in her work as a BodyTalk Practitioner. You can expect to get insight, clarity and removal of blocks that might be interfering in you being your best. I highly recommend Paula and her healing energy!” – A. M.

A. M.

My sister and I have always wanted to try “Alternative” therapies so we finally set up our appointments and decided to try two different services so that we could compare notes. I tried Reflexology and OH WOW did I love it. An hour of having my feet worked on was so relaxing. What surprised me was how energized I felt after the Reflexology session.
My sister opted for an hour of Reiki. She couldn’t believe how peaceful and relaxed she felt during and after the session. She definitely said she would do Reiki again. We were both surprised at how much Paula was able to tell us about our bodies emotionally and physically. She seems passionate about Holistic Medicine and we both intend on returning to try more services. – Yahoo Local Review

Yahoo Local Review

My name is Patty and I highly recommend Paula Jurko. I have experienced a few sessions with reflexology and really felt that she did a wonderful job. I like her personality and she has a very caring, gentle touch!


Paula’s service and her beautiful office greatly exceeded my expectations.  From the moment I entered her office until my departure, I was treated to a wonderful reflexology session, and a lot of good information.  Paula seems to be a highly knowledgeable and skilled reflexologist.  I liked her informative introductory discussion and the nuances of the reflexologyI received.  I highly recommend Paula for reflexology. Gayle G

Gayle G

I found Paula through Groupon and saw her for Reflexology.  She is located in a very nice spot in Powell and her office is immediately welcoming.  She is friendly, kind, and very knowledgeable.  I experienced a wonderful session where I learned a lot about Reflexology and left with a feeling of lightness & happy feet!  I would be happy to see her again and try some of her other services, too.  I have a sense that she’s gifted in everything she offers. – Linda H.

Linda H.

Paula is a jewel with skills. She is a great listener and very empathetic. What’s more she can make what aches feel better. Just tell her what’s going on and she will help you clear it out while it feels as though your best friend is just helping you out. Try any of the services she offers and you will be amazed. I am particularly partial to the reflexology. – Google User

Google User

After a session of reflexology with Paula I no longer had sinus pressure or a sinus headache. It was so relaxing and non-painful. It was so great I made my husband schedule a session and he loved it as well. I highly recommend Paula’s practice.. You will be glad you did! – Beth 


I have had a lot of back issues for a couple of years. I have been under Chiropractic care & a in the medical field for a long time. I was really skeptic about reflexology the first time I was there. However after the session I felt so good. My back felt better than it had been in a long time. I highly recommend it. Paula is just great. – Google User

Google User

I found Footprints to Wellness via Groupon. Paula was very friendly and professional. She was absolutely fantastic! I was amazed at how I felt after a 1 hour session. I have since moved out of the state and not found anyone who did as great of a job as Paula in Reflexology. One thing I really liked was that she went over each point of “concern” and explained what it meant. I highly recommend her! – Google User

Google User

I found Footprints to Wellness via Groupon and have enjoyed a number of Reflexology sessions since. Paula has done an amazing job at identifying my stressors and making me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend making an appointment today! – Google User

Google User

So glad I found Footprints to Wellness! My feet used to ache all the time but since starting monthly sessions with Paula my feet and hands feel great all of the time! Love it! – Google User

Google User

Follow the Footprints to Wellness just as fast as you can! Paula is wonderful, kind and a great listener. She is one of those rare individuals who is most happy when you feel better and is delighted to help you get there. Everything she does is restorative and healing. – Rebecca W

Rebecca W

This is a fantastic place, I highly recommend it. Very relaxing and provides a much needed break from life. Paula has an amazing ability to connect with people, she made me feel like we have known each other forever. I found Footprints to Wellness via Groupon and am so very glad I did. Go visit, you’ll be happy to:-) – Google User

Google User

Having never experienced reflexology before and seeing a Groupon for Paula’s services, I decided to try it out. It was extremely relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Paula is very easy to talk to and she makes you feel very comfortable. Having been a full-time caregiver to my mom and experiencing her death, taking a toll on my body, she could easily relate to me, having gone through a similar situation herself. I would definitely recommend Footprints to Wellness. It is very therapeutic and relaxing which is something we all need! – Jan S.

Jan S.

I highly recommend Paula and her services at Footprints to Wellness. I started BodyTalk sessions with Paula and eventually began booking appointments for Reflexology. I just recently experienced the Raindrop Technique as well. Each session is a personal growth experience combined with relaxation, reflection and detox; both emotionally and physically. Her integrity and business acumen are above board. The atmosphere Paula has created for her clients is comfortable and private with a wonderful feeling of emotional safety. – R.W.


I work on my feet many hours a day and Paula really helps with my pain. She is well read and helps with new ideas. I would recommend her for any service she’s offers, it’s money well spent.I slept like a baby last night and I have a pounce to my step. I will continue to use Paula’s services. – Google User

Google User

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