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Footprints to Wellness is a fully integrated facility that offers an advanced level of professional alternative and holistic therapies with the sole purpose of bringing our clients into a state of optimal health so that their bodies can do what they were designed to do: heal themselves. Within the center, we offer the following alternative therapies: Access Consciousness, BodyTalk, Reflexology, Raindrop Technique Reiki,  Energetic Facelift, Distance Healing, and  AnimalTalk

At Footprints to Wellness, we understand the need to treat everyone as a whole and not a symptom. We know that no one practitioner or form of healing services will take care of every ones concerns so we pride ourselves with knowing the resources within our community to assist you on your journey to optimal health.

My gift is to listen to you…really listen to you and your story. To pinpoint those key moments in your life that defined your belief systems and then to find where in your life those belief systems defined how your life is living out right now. Paula Jurko (owner)

Holistic Health and Wellness